Interview with eVida

On April 21th, 2021, representatives of the project interviewed Mr  João Quintas, PhD who is a Principal Researcher at the Instituto Pedro Nunes, Portugal. During the interview a focus was put on eVida platform which was created in a large-scale national project to address the need for development of innovative solutions in the Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) domain in Europe.

During the interview Mr João Quintas shared some insights on the creation and implementation of eVida and its role as a facilitator of solutions for active and healthy ageing. The platform is built on open-source technologies and has the capacity to integrate stand alone applications which are hosted on third party servers. The main benefit from using the services of the platform, according to Mr Quintas is the quick development of applications without the need to confront with the complexity resulting from the connection and data exchange with other services. Moreover, eVida represents an ecosystem which enables the end users of solutions in the AHA domain to challenge technology developers by providing them with concrete real-live scenarios where digital technology can be developed and applied to address their needs and requirements.

Stay tuned for the  interview recording to learn more on the benefits of eVida for its stakeholders but also discover the challenges faced by the development team on the path towards the platform’s uptake.

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