In this video from the series “VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY”, Mr Sergio Guillen who is the Chief Innovation Officer of MYSPHERA talks on the ACTIVAGE project. It is an Innovation Action (IA) funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme that has delivered the ACTIVAGE IoT Ecosystem Suite (AIOTES). The latter provides interoperability of IoT Platforms in Active and Healthy Ageing domain by addressing trustworthiness, privacy, data protection and security.

During the interview Mr. Guillen highlights the benefits of AIOTES for its stakeholders and provides some use cases of its practical implementation across Europe. He elaborates shortly on the challenges for the uptake of the platform and explains how PlatformUptake.eu project can help AIOTES tackle these issues in the long term.

#02 AAL Programme

Mr Klaus Niederländer is the Director of Central Management Unit of AAL Programme which funds applied research for developing ICT-based innovation for active and healthy ageing. In this interview Mr Niederländer talks on the role of technology in providing older people with better quality of life and improving the parameters in their daily living. In the interview he presents information on how innovation is actually applied in practice in the field of “fall-prevention” and how new technologies can bring financial benefits to their users.

Further, the interviewee highlights the importance of functional connectivity between open platforms and other devices and services in the field creating one big ecosystem for the benefit of older people. Mr Niderländer concludes with the remark that demographic change brings many challenges to our societies but also vast opportunities which are stored in today’s world of connected technology.

#03 50plus Hellas

In this interview Dr. Elizabeth Mesthenaiou who is a member of the Board of directors of 50plus Hellas talks on the prejudices and negative stereotypes towards older people and their active social integration through the means of digital technology.

To highlight the role of technology in the process Dr. Mesthenaiou provides some practical examples of how digital tools support older people and their family carers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Further on, the interviewee highlights the importance of developing technology which is close to the needs and requirements of the end users and socially inclusive towards older people in terms of the knowledge, processes and outcomes involved.


In this video from the series “VOICES FROM THE INDUSTRY”, Mr. Ulrich Ahle, who is the Chief Executive Officer of FIWARE Foundation, presents FIWARE as an open-source technology based among others on open-source building blocks, APIs for interfaces and references for architectures in different domains. FIWARE technology is used in several main areas such as: smart cities, Industry 4.0, smart energy, smart agri-food and smart health.

According to Mr Ahle the end users of the technology benefit through its free and timely unlimited availability, standard API and standard data modules which consequently limit the vendor lock-in. Currently there are approximately 10.000 members of the community around the globe who develop, maintain and enhance FIWARE technology and make it possible for the end users to use it with the lowest possible operational costs.

#05 Wit-Gele Kruis

Mr. Bart Degryse who works as a Project Manager at the White Yellow Gross in Belgium talks on the benefits of technology for the effective support of older people and their carriers. Mr. Degryse provides two examples where innovation can improve the quality of life of the end users. The first one includes a monitoring system which can be installed in the homes of older people whereas the second one refers to a life-line alarm based on mobile devices usable outside of the people’s residences.

The interviewee highlighted the need of the correct definition of an ‘open platform’. The latter represents a difficult concept for many care organization due its rather technical character and unknown benefits. Therefore more clarification on the topic is urgently needed.

#06 Prof. Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar

In this video Ms. Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar who is a professor at the University Politehnica Timisoara, Romania and also a representative of Europe in the International Medical Informatics Association (IMA) shares her point of view regarding the implementation and role of IoT based technology to meet needs and requirements of the various stakeholders in the Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA) domain.

The interviewee highlights the importance of the European professional societies for the promotion of open platforms in the field and the provision of information to their members on the platforms’ success and evolution potential. Ms Stoicu-Tivadar concludes the interview by pointing out that interoperability is crucial for the consistent sharing and use of collected data for the benefit of all participating parties.

#07 universAAL IoT

Mr. Mohammad-Reza (Saied) Tazari is the General director of universAAL IoT Coalition which was launched as a public facing, open and non-profit international association to bridge the open-source community of universAAL IoT to the market. In this interview Mr. Tazari talks on the benefits of universAAL IoT for its main stakeholders and provides some examples of solutions which are built upon the platform and applied across Europe.

During the interview he highlights some of main barriers on the path towards the large-scale uptake of universAAL IoT including, among others the severe competition in the AAL and IoT markets, the complexity of digitization preventing the customers from making informed decisions about the right products, the labeling of universAAL as an academic research as well as the lack of financial support to ensure the sustainable exploitation of the project outcomes and conclusions. Mr. Tazari concludes by pointing out that initiatives like PlatformUptake.eu project are especially needed to raise awareness on open platforms in the AHA domain and bring them successfully to the market.

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