Stay tuned – new video interview with MiBida platform is coming up soon! project met with Mr. Bas Goosen, the CEO of MiBida B.V. to gain some insights on the development and success factors for the implementation and use of the platforms’ services.

MiBida represents a spinoff from the Netcarity project which was funded by the EU and focused on the development and evaluation of an open platform, specifically designed to maintain an active ecosystem of services and social interaction in the field of AHA. Topics such as privacy, security and ethics were deeply rooted in the design of the platform. In 2014 MiBida entered the market to initially address the needs of the older people. The company started consequently to get more requests from the first and second lines of care. Nowadays MiBida is widely implemented in hospitals and care centers to enable the communication between the patients and their carers. The platform features secured communication, storage exchange and presentation of data. It provides a full range of open APIs and has developed suits available for third parties to create their own packages and features. The platform is a modular, where functional packages can be created. The number of available modules and packages makes the platform very suitable for quick design and effective pilot studies.

During the interview Mr Goosen highlighted some challenges that open platforms in the field face on the path towards their uptake. Some of the major ones include the lack of funding, old regulations and the conservativeness of the market. Finally the interviewee pointed out that building upon knowledge which was gained within previous initiatives and projects is crucial for the uptake of current and future platforms in the field. Stay tuned for the interview recording to learn more about the successful story of MiBida!

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