Interview with Oscar Senior

Representatives of the PlatformUptake.eu project had an interview with the CEO of Oscar Senior, Mr Tomas Posker. During the interview Mr Posker shared his experiences…

Interview with OpenRemote

In an interview with Mr Pierre Kill, the CEO and founder of OpenRemote, some details on the development and implementation of the platform were discussed. The company is with…

Research and Development


Interview with TAREME platform

In an interview with Dr. Fabio Paternò who is responsible for HIIS Laboratory at the Institute of science and information technologies, Italy some details on the…

Interview with InCasa MONITOR

PlatformUptake.eu had the great pleasure to interview Mr Alejandro Cavaliere, who is the CEO and founder of Incasanet Technologies S.L.U.. The later is a start-up based in…



PlatformUptake.eu meets GATEKEEPER

On April 19th, 2021, representatives of the GATEKEEPER and PlatformUptake.eu Projects met (albeit virtually) with the aim of exploring potential collaboration activities to  …

Project Partners

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