IDIH overview of results

Based on the need for the wider promotion of digital health innovation, the IDIH project aimed to foster international cooperation and set the ground for achieving this goal

For this, the project set up a digital platform for long-term networking among key international stakeholders in field of digital technology for Active and Healthy Ageing (AHA). The platform achieved wide popularity and attracted more than 400 participants (e.g., companies, universities, research institutions, associations, health authorities, care providers). One-to-one meetings could be also scheduled and held at any time, thus providing stakeholders with the opportunity to solidify their first connections.

Various IDIH events and activities have been promoted. The project has also outlined a roadmap, which aimed to enhance international cooperation in the AHA domain. Using an expert-driven approach, the Digital Health Transformation Forum has gathered top experts, executives, and advocacy groups from six regions of the consortium to develop a roadmap.


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