Interview with TAREME platform

In an interview with Dr. Fabio Paternò who is responsible for HIIS Laboratory at the Institute of science and information technologies, Italy some details on the implementation and benefits of the TAREME (Trigger-Action Rule Editing, Monitoring, Executing) platform for its end users were discussed.

According to Mr. Paternò the TAREME platform provides support for executing and analysing personalized automations in Internet of Things scenarios. The platform allows the creation and execution of trigger-action personalization rules that can change the state of connected smart objects and devices, send alarms or reminders, and modify applications’ state depending on contextual events. The execution of rules is supported by a middleware infrastructure able to manage and detect when contextual triggers generated by available sensors and devices are verified. Analytics is supported through a tool providing information about the personalization rules executed in users’ contexts, which can help in better understanding their actual use and personalization preferences.

The personalization platform is not domain-dependent and can be applied to different types of scenarios. This platform also includes also a Tailoring Environment that enables end-users to specify expressive trigger-action rules with various possible compositions of triggers and actions and with a clear distinction between events and conditions defining triggers, in a way that is understandable by end-users.

Please click here to watch the full recording of the video interview with Mr. Paternò, and other providers of open platforms in the AAL and AHA domains.

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