Interview with InCasa MONITOR had the great pleasure to interview Mr Alejandro Cavaliere, who is the CEO and founder of Incasanet Technologies S.L.U.. The later is a start-up based in Barcelona, Spain which has developed and maintains the first platform capable of creating a Smart Home environment for the older people at their own houses.

It can also be used to provide quality of life and safety to people with disabilities. InCasa consists of a Home Kit with open-protocol sensors and a Home Gateway (a small autonomous computer) and Artificial Intelligence software, created by InCasa, that resides in the Gateway. InCasa is a turn-key solution and its installation is very simple and wireless. Once installed, InCasa executes a Home Care protocol, also proprietary but open for user and partner customization, which focuses on four areas: Emergencies, Risks, Activity and Status.

The older adults’ family and caregivers utilize a smartphone app to interact with InCasa from anywhere in the world. Finally, the Senior Care ecosystem can access all the InCasa functionalities and integrate them into their own platforms, to create new enhanced Senior Care services.

Please click here to watch the full recording of the video interview with Mr. Cavaliere, and other providers of open platforms in the AAL and AHA domains.

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