SHAPES workshop Beyond the pilots: Upscaling and transfer of person-centred digital solutions in integrated care pathways in Europe


Tuesday, 03.05.2022 – 14:00 to 17.00 CET


Virtual Zoom Webinar Call Organised by AIAS Bologna


Within the SHAPES project a wide set of impacting factors have been identified that need to be considered when implementing and scaling up person-centred technology-based solutions for integrated care. These factors can be considered “universally valid” although they need to be contextualised.

The assumption that the organisers of the dialogue workshop make, is that the more solutions are designed to cope with context variety, the easier it will be to upscale and transfer them. Consequently, it is important that both developers and organisations that aim at improving their integrated care programmes take these factors into account, while developing or assessing the compatibility of the solution within the specific context of deployment.

The aim of this interactive dialogue workshop is to discuss these two different perspectives:

The perspective of developers, who need to develop solutions that are compliant with technical standards but whose functionality, accessibility and usability can easily adapt to different organisations and care ecosystems.

The perspective of managers in care that must make choices about the adoption or upscaling of technology empowered integrated care services and that need to assess the effort requested and the envisaged impact of the solution on their organisations and the people they support.

We will further discuss aspects or criticalities to be addressed when adopting, upscaling and transferring technological solutions that foster the development of integrated care systems, including the often-overlooked governance and policy related challenges.

To register to the webinar, please visit SHAPES project website.

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