promoted the use of open platforms at the AAL Hackathon and the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing (EWAHA)

On October 16th and 17th, the so-called AAL Hackathon took place in Trieste, Italy. Organized by the Upper Adriatic Technology Park and the AAL Programme, together with a range of partners, including, the hackathon gathered 80 people from professional schools, civil society organisations, start-ups, high-tech companies, local and regional authorities. Ten 10 teams took part in the actual hackathon, in which they developed solutions to stay active & healthy over 65, especially looking at loneliness and isolation. Some of the solutions that were developed included software to put older people in touch with a wide range of (local) services and care providers for managing daily routines and commitments; an application to check health records, with integrated video-chat and to book medical appointments; a simple pair of glasses with dedicated app that allow a caregiver help the older person from a distance with various activities; a service software that allows a personalized rehabilitation experience in terms of mental and physical status. partners Javier Ganzarain and Frederic Lievens presented the project and encouraged hackathon participants to think about and consider the use of open technologies and open platforms.

Immediately following the AAL Hackathon, the EWAHA (European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing) took place online, from October 18th till October 21st. presented a workshop on the topic of “Large-scale uptake of open platforms in the AAL/AHA domain” in which the concept of open platforms was presented. Platform developer Ubiwhere from Portugal showed an example of use in the AHA domain from the TeNDER project. They also showed examples of use in smart city applications, which is an area in which open platforms are already very broadly used, and from which lessons can be learned.

For access to the recording of this session, or to obtain the presentation, contact us at

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