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PlatformUptake.eu at AAL Hackathon “Trieste Citizen Accelerator 2021 – Active & Healthy over 65”

PlatformUptake.eu is a partner of the AAL Hackathon “Trieste Citizen Accelerator 2021 – Active & Healthy over 65” which will take place on October 16-17, 2021 in Trieste, Italy just in advance of the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing and the AAL Forum in which PlatformUptake.eu will also present a workshop.

The ‘hackathon’ deals with some of the main topics proposed by the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2021, such as the concepts of loneliness and isolation in their different aspects and will bring together representatives from civil society organizations, older people associations, family caregivers, support administrators, students, industry and SME’s, mentors from private and local/regional public authorities to jointly develop project ideas/start-up concepts.

There are opportunities to participate in the teams that will compete in the hackathon and that will develop solutions over the course of the 2-day event. We encourage you to participate in the hackathon to introduce your open platform on which AAL solutions can be built or through which various devices, sensors or apps can be integrated, or to introduce some of the concepts and solutions that you have already developed.
The event is also a great opportunity to assess collaboration and partnership opportunities with public and private organisations from the Friuli Venezia Giulia and neighboring regions as well as various other projects.

For more information and to assess whether you can indeed join one of the teams, contact us at office@platformuptake.eu.

AgeingFit event

We are also working with the AgeingFit event, taking place on March 1-2, 2022 in Lille, France. It is one of the main European events focusing on innovation in the domain of active and healthy ageing. They are calling for panelists for some of the conference tracks focusing on:

  • Scaling health innovations in the silver economy
  • Diagnosing and treating age-related conditions
  • Innovations in residential care settings
  • Technologies and services for ageing well at home

We encourage you to consider joining one of these discussion panels to provide your knowledge and expertise around the benefits and practical use cases related to the use of open platforms (or solutions built on open platforms).
PlatformUptake.eu is also looking at organizing its final project event within the frame of AgeingFit, and also that might offer possibilities for you and your platform/company to receive additional exposure within the AgeingFit conference program and exhibition.
To express your interest, contact us at office@platformuptake.eu and we will work with you and with the AgeingFit organizers to see about your contribution to the event.

PlatformUptake.eu networking, matchmaking and pitching event

Finally, we are also preparing a PlatformUptake.eu networking, matchmaking and pitching event in October/November 2021 (exact dates and further details to be confirmed), and would therefore like to feature your platform or solution for active and healthy ageing (AHA) and active assited living (AAL). Care organizations that are interested in implementing digital technologies to improve the provision of care to their patients, are also invited to participate in the event (to present their problem, their need, etc.).
To express your interest, contact us at office@platformuptake.eu.

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