Criteria for open platform in AHA and AAL domains which Hassisto SRL complies with:

Provides Open APIs

Business Overview

The host company Hassisto Srl develops software platforms for healthiness automated systems.

The management of the company believes that healthcare will change dramatically in the next year from a centralized organization to a distributed one. Therefore Hassisto Srl is specialized in developing management systems that organizes all the data collected from IOT sensors.

Hassisto platform helps and reduces cost of indoor healthcare management by automatizing routinary operations and reducing the incidence of false alarms.

The platform is based on commercials Bluetooth bracelets that self-measures health parameters 24h/7.

The software monitors heartbeats, inactivity, quality of sleep, falls and can be combined with additional bluetooth devices adding weight, enuresis, blood pressure.


Hassisto, is a CNR (National Research Council of Italy) spinoff which has as an object the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value, and more specifically: the development, production and marketing of innovative e-health monitoring systems with control of vital and environmental parameters.

The developed platform controls the state of well-being of the subject who is monitored in a non-invasive way. It achieves this by connecting Internet Of Things (IOT) devices and making collected data available online

More information can be found in the company’s presentation.


Hassisto received another EU grant in 2021 to take on market Horpheus, nightly ephilepsy detection.

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Technical Overview

Hassisto adds features to technological platforms that support home care and patient telemonitoring. No investment is required from the customer’s facility, the fee is related only to the months of actual use of the platform and any diagnostic devices are on loan for use. The application scenarios currently managed are: Homecare companies Retirement houses Insurance companies.


Hassisto can add to preexisting telemedicine platforms the capability to acquire health data, without additional efforts from the care organisation: all the management can be taken in care by the care personnel. In this way not only, the specialist has a more complete scenario of the evolving of the diseases, but he can immediately detect how a new treatment works while the healthcare organisation increases the loyalty of their patients.

SW Houses

Software houses that just developed health platforms can quickly add the management of home patients with a reduced investment. The modular architecture of Hassisto platform let them choose the modules which are needed and better manage the single steps of the enhancements.


Hassisto platform was successfully applied by pharma companies in trials and post-market phases. In the pre-market trial, the platform collected real time data from the patient cohort, by supporting pharma companies with the analysis of the collected information.

In the sales phase the platform helped to increase the engagement of specialists by giving them more data about the possible treatment and supporting them with the detection of potential customers.

Homecare Companies

Hassisto allows companies that provide home care services to increase the quality and type of services offered:

Real-time updating of the services performed (therapies, nutrition, on-site presence, etc.) so as to reassure family members and at the same time give tangible evidence of the professionalism of the company

Improves interaction internally between care personnel who communicate with patients (handover, messages about events or actions to be taken, etc.)

Improves interaction between the care personnel and the family members.

Improves emergency management.

Enables obtaining of qualitative information on patient well-being who can be consulted remotely. This is useful both for improving management by the care personnel and for reassuring family members

Hassisto platform helps management staff of care organisations cut costs with Automatic detection of personnel presence at home. It reduces or eliminates tutoring and mentoring times in case of takeover or replacement of care personnel. Finally it automates the periodic evaluation of the care staff performance and fosters the standardization of internal procedures.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are complex environments where the provision of care to older people is often difficult due to the poor communication and continuous requests of the residents.

The adoption of Hassisto platform in these structures, in addition to the advantages already listed for home care, allows for:

The location of residents with cognitive impairment by preventing them from leaving the facility or accessing prohibited areas

The detection of the position of the care personnel to be alerted in the event of an emergency

The facilitation of clinical monitoring by integrating and collecting data obtained from medical systems in a simpler way, and integrating them in the medical record.

The information acquired is shared not only with their healthcare personnel but also with relatives who can thus reassure themselves about the conditions of their loved ones


Hassisto platform is actually used in third parties SW platforms covering different market segments

Hassisto Caregiver optimizes the provision of home care and can be used by caregivers with their smartphones

Hassisto Wellness For nursing homes / clinical nursing homes collects vital data on the platform that can be integrated with a medical record software

Hassisto WellTracker identifies the risk profile of the older person and invites him/her to further medical checks. The product is useful for insurance companies


Source of images:

From left to right:

Electronic key fob that detects if the caregiver is nearby or not

Detection kit suitable for those who are unfamiliar with smartphones.

A band to be placed over the mattress cover to detect when the patient sleeps and gets up. It detects the pulse, breathing and sleep quality.

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Business Overview

Technical Overview




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