Monitoring and Self-evaluation tools

    05.04.2022 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CET has developed monitoring and self-evaluation tools which support open platform providers and their users (technology developers and care organisations) in the AHA and AAL domains to self-assess the success and uptake of the platforms and their progress while developing solutions on top of them. The tools enable the collection and visualisation of platform characteristics, KPI values, statistics metrics, and feedback from the aforementioned users’ perspective such that platforms are made comparable across a variety of assessment topics, metrics and indicators. This will ensure that providers of open platforms know what they and their competitors are offering and how the users perceive it, which should help them make their technology and marketing stand out.

Users, such as SMEs or start-ups developing technology for active and healthy ageing are able to browse through the profiles of registered open platforms, compare them and get tailored platform recommendations based on their particular requirements and needs, provide their experience from using the platforms and track their own progress while developing solutions and products. Hence, they are able to choose wiser, reduce time to market, improve the quality of their solutions and reach a wider users’ community.

This webinar will aim to introduce the tools and their benefits to their potential users and inform how they can be used and where they are to be accessed. The participants in the virtual event will be invited to provide questions and comments on the tools and get engaged in discussion about them.

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