vINCI Smart Insole

Use Cases
Physical Abilities Sports and Fitness
Mobile application Machine Learning Smart sensing technology


vINCI Smart Insole represents a smart insole for older adults, i.e. a removable part of the shoe, equipped with smart sensing technology, that could be inserted into existing shoes of the older adults, which they were already used to wear.The device connects via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to an Android Application and sends data to it periodically. Using this data, the app collects the following information: i) the number of steps performed; ii) the activity type (walking, standing, not worn); and iii) the time when the activity was recorded. This data goes through the IO-Server microservice, where it is stored in the database and linked to the user device registered in the gateway. Then, the records from the last seven days are translated by the dashboard into a chart which shows the patient’s number of steps per day.



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