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ASISTEL is the first company in Serbia and the region that provides the Tele-assistance service to the elder persons and persons with disability who live alone and have a need for the  special care and the users with organizing and delivering help via telephone.
 Through its pioneering work and creating modern and adequate conditions for aid and care of elderly and disabled persons, ASISTEL aspires to contribute modern and effective solutions to the problem of living and aging in Serbia.<
Through Tele-assistance ASISTEL organizes other services as different kinds of additional help, reminders for medicines or nurse call.
 In the end, the aim of ASISTEL to promote Tele-assistance service to get bigger and broader social significance and provide conditions that clients are physically and mentally healthier, that they have to go less to health centers, that they are happier and enjoy their aging with more dignity and with use of modern technology solutions.

Business Partners:
Banca Intesa
City of Beograd


- Constant connection and constant monitoring of the condition of the user in his home
 -  Organizing an emergency intervention - In cases of falls, heart problems, fainting, when a body or voice fails, often the only thing that is available and possible is to press the "button that saves life".
 - Conversation and consolation - Sadness, loss of a loved one or material goods, loneliness, are easier if they share with someone.
 - Caring for the user outside his home - We take care of and are in contact with the users even when they are absent


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