Smart HomeCare system

Use Cases
Security Fall detection Wearing detection
Smart home sensors Health-care measurement devices Wireless transmitter


Smart HomeCare offers the possibility to develop homes which are able to take intelligent decisions and respond autonomously according to the environmental situation at any moment.


Home Tab
 - Emergency call that can be routed to formal or informal caregivers
 - Service calls (request for cleaning, food ordering)
 - Smart-home management (switching on-off lights, heating, curtains …)
 - Reminders (birthdays, doctor appointments, medications …)
 - Video calls (with family, friends …)
 - Playing (memory) games
 - Possible integration of other apps / platforms
 - Fall detection, Wearing detection, Activity tracking, Positioning
 - List of pending / requested task to perform at the user (elderly)
 - Documentation of all services done at / to the user (health-care related and other – cleaning, delivery of food …)
 - History of tasks accomplished
 - Integration with wireless devices
 - Wireless transmitter (trigger) to establish emergency call and provide location information if available
 - Smart home sensors
 - Health-care measurement devices (glucometer, blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor )


Smart HomeCare system Logo

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