Use Cases
Drowsiness Fatigue Medication reminder Wellbeing coaching Caregiver notifications Body and Vital Data Nutrition & Diet
Smart sensing technology


The MediTouch® 2 test strips are based on an
an improved enzyme composition
(GDH-FAD) that reacts specifically to glucose, minimizing
and thus minimizes interference from other substances. In addition, there is an underfill detection feature that prevents measurement when the
blood volume is too low. Thus, the
MediTouch® 2 connect provides even more accurate measurement results and gives a safe feeling. The
data is forwarded to the casenio control center and can automatically trigger an alarm in set situations.
triggered. At the same time, announcements of the values
via the tablet and reminders are possible.

Business Partners:
BG Klinikums UKB (Germany)
GWG Rhein-Erft (Germany)


very fast measuring;
very precise measuring;
direct Information about blood sugar;



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