Use Cases
Drowsiness Fatigue Medication reminder Health status prediction Fainting Health Care and Prevention Electronic Health Record
Health-care measurement devices


Fully automatic, electronic blood pressure and pulse monitor for the wrist. Thanks to the
positioning indicator you avoid wrong
measurement results. The measurement itself is much
more gentle, because the inflation technology used already measures during inflation.
The usable cuff circumference is 13.5
- 23 cm. The data is forwarded to the smartapart control center and can be used to
automatically trigger an alarm within the scope of
trigger an alarm. At the same time the announcements
of the values via the tablet and also reminders are possible.

Business Partners:
AlexA Seniorendienste GmbH (Germany)
GWG Rhein-Erft (Germany)
GWG Rhein-Erft (Germany)
ProCurand (UK)


very precise measurement;
fast response system;



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