realKNX Air

Use Cases
Security Caregiver reporting Home care Caregiver notifications Care Accessible Housing
Artificial Intelligence IoT Smart home sensors Wireless transmitter Smart sensing technology


In addition to the functionalities mentioned above, realKNX Air also supports Google Home and Alexa, as well as remote connection. As a result, this solution is ideal for home automation, as you can use different assistants in the same installation. For voice control with Snips you will need a realKNX Satellite.
The realKNX package is composed of a server and a proServ.

Licence: One-time purchase 560.00 € – 1,140.00 € ( 620.00 € excl. tax /// 744.00 € incl. tax)


Voice Control for KNX with Snips, Siri, Alexa and Google
To buy a realKNX Air, two possibilities are available to you:
The realKNX Air package includes:
Tough industrial PC server
KNX proServ.
The realKNX Air Server
Tough industrial PC server
realKNX Air can be supplemented with Satellites such as:
Aragon Satellite
Aragon WL Satellite table unit
Click here for a tabular overview of the possible combinations
realKNX features overview:
Privacy by design, offline no Internet, Voice control of KNX with Snips
Voice control of KNX devices: through Siri, Alexa and Google Home. It is also possible to mix different assitents, even the offline and the online.
Control by Augmented Reality through the image of the smartphone camera
Visual programming with Node-RED, no programming skills required. On system IoT, large free app library e.g. Alarm system included.
KNX html visualisation: customisable Dashboard with cameras, smartcharts, backgrounds….
KNX App visualisation: iKnix2 for iOS, iKnix for Android.
RemoteConnect from anywhere – no fixed IP, no DynDNS, no VPN, no port forwarding.



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