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RAY is an all-inclusive, mobile-centered, integrated cloud service that provides an easy-to-use, and cost-saving solution – perfectly adapted for the needs of visually impaired people, and serving a market segment of about $9 billion annually. This disruptive solution, together with a successful launch in Israel that already afforded great lifestyle improvement for close to 4000 blind people, has helped the creators gain a deeper insight and more valuable understanding of the market, its requirements and the opportunities it brings. The Israeli mobile carriers give RAY to any legally blind person for free, and, in turn, sell it to other people with vision impairment.

Licence: Free for 30 days;
$9.99 a month in-app purchase
$299.99 lifetime license

Business Partners:


- Easy-to-use, and cost-saving solution– perfectly adapted for the needs of visually impaired people.

- The cost of operation is significantly lower than alternative solutions.

- World’s first cell phone for visually impaired blind.

- Uses advanced cellular mobile technologies for intuitive eye-free interface.



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