MyHelp In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Use Cases
Visual impairment Security Caregiver reporting Fainting Fall detection Activity tracking Home care Caregiver notifications Health Care and Prevention Accessible Housing Entrance Control Person Localization Orientation
Smart home sensors


The MyHelp personal emergency response system is simply the best on the market. Whether you are having a medical emergency, fire, burglary, or just need the comfort of knowing someone is there for you, simply press your waterproof pendant or wristband and speak hands-free to our exclusive EMD Certified Monitoring center 24/7.

With a push of a button, you will instantly be connected to our certified monitoring center who will assist you with your emergency. The certified monitoring center can connect you to a loved one, caregiver, or dispatch emergency services. We recommend our personal emergency response system for seniors and people who want that extra peace of mind. The MyHelp landline unit is compatible with traditional phone systems, VOIP, and even Magic Jack.

No landline? No problem! For customers, without a landline phone, we offer a 4G LTE cellular MyHelp. This unit has a built-in cell module that allows you to access help without the need for a landline phone. Everything that you need is included in the package. The cellular plan is included when you select 4G LTE Cellular in the connection options.

Licence: $29.95 monthly subscription; $77.85 quarterly subscription; $239.40 annual subscription;

Business Partners: private customers


An alert system that provides for security through an easy installation-phase;
low costs;


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