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Use Cases
Security Wellbeing coaching Home care Caregiver notifications Wearing detection Health Care and Prevention


With MyHelp Go, you can feel confident staying independent and going anywhere you want to go, indoors or outdoors, because you’ll know you can get help if you need it. No base station or landline phone connection is needed with MyHelp Go. It is small, lightweight, comfortable, self-contained, and has a speaker and microphone built into the unit for 2-way communication. Users can press one button to speak with specialists and get help at home and away from home, anywhere in the United States. A high-quality speaker and microphone are built right into the device.

MyHelp Go uses WiFi location technologies to enable care specialists to locate the user in an emergency. MyHelp Go can dial 911 directly if cellular or roaming partner service is not available. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 30 days per charge and MyHelp Go comes with a simple charging cradle that makes recharging easy. Users and their loved ones can receive low battery reminders by text message/email, and loved ones can be contacted in an emergency.

Licence: $45.95 monthly subscription; $137.85 quarterly subscription; $479.40 annual subscription;

Business Partners: private customers


high efficiency;
easy to use and understand for residents;
high usability;


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