Use Cases
Telecare and Telehealth Environment Falls Person Localization Emergency Management and Alarms Communication
Mobile application


enSenior is a solution to monitor the daily activity of older relatives, focussing on security and comfort, all in one. A product that aims to improve quality of life of older adults by generating wellbeing, supplying permanent information to caregivers, remotely controlling and managing systems, and deriving behaviours and habits through the application of Machine Learning on captured data.


- Easy to use - intuitive interfaces that ensure easy adaption and user involvement
 - Affordable - enSenior adapts to the needs of all customers
 - Total control - from any place, time or device, Pc, tablet or smart phone
 - Remote access from any device - attractive application for iPhone and Android, from work, when travelling and for multiple users
  - Notifications 24x7 - push notes, e-mail, SMS or twits to multiple users at the same time (neigbours, friends or relatives)
 - Multiple sensors and actuators - wide variety of devices for every need:cameras, audio, CO2 switches (lights, appliances, climatization etc.) fire detection and much more.
 - Alarms - caused by change in the environment: very low or very high temperatures, theft, low air quality, fire, flood, smoke, etc...
 - Easily expandable - new sensors can be added in few minutes


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