Use Cases
Fight against isolation


Licence: - Daisy Personal: €10.00 per registered Daisy TV box / month.
 Daisy @ Home - Up to 4 Daisy users can share the same Daisy TV box.
 Free and unlimited IoChat users, Android, iOS, browser.
 - Daisy Shared: €2.00


- Audio or video calls can be received from the armchair of the user during normal TV use.
 - The use of the remote control is reduced to a few buttons (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK, BACK).
 - Daisy Shared can be used in organizations such as nursing homes, care homes and hospitals.
 - IoChat client is a Daisy companion application for friends, family members and caregivers using their smartphone or PC. IoChat is a Skype-like IM, audio and video conferencing client that works in the browser and as an Android or iOS application.


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