Casa stationary personal emergency service

Use Cases
Damages and Hazards Falls Emergency Management and Alarms
Emergency call button


With the «Casa» product, the older person wears the emergency call button as a wristband or around her or his neck. In the event of an emergency the person simply presses the emergency call button and voice contact with a Curena employee is established directly. He or she then initiates the necessary steps together with the older person and remains in voice contact with her/him. The device’s highly sensitive hands-free mode also facilitates communication with the emergency call centre if the older person is not immediately next to the device.

Business Partners:
Emergency call centre of the Swiss Red Cross


- Automatic calls for system testing
 - Automatic monitoring of the battery level of the emergency device, the alarm button and the mobile connection
 - Monthly test call by subscribers themselves
 - Remote maintenance by the manufactorer


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