Care Signal

Use Cases
Telecare and Telehealth Environment Damages and Hazards Building Surveillance Falls Person Localization Emergency Management and Alarms Communication
Mobile application


The sensor platform and sensors are placed arbitrarily in the room, no internet connection is required for its operation . Namely, connectivity can also be provided via the mobile network.
 The solution works in such a way that the person does not notice it and also does not interfere with his habits or his usual lifestyle. Also, the implementation of the installation of the system on site is fast and unobtrusive.
 Friends, family and others who want to be connected with the sick, the elderly and those living alone are informed about what is currently happening in the environment (always and everywhere) with the help of the mobile application (Android, iOS) included in the subject solution (apartment, house) where such a person resides. Relatives can always monitor whether the events of the observed / cared person are within expectations.

Business Partners:
Hewlett Packard


-Security and independence of carers
 - Relief of guardians and relatives
 - Improving the quality of care
 - Greater accessibility of staff and relatives
 - Detection and notification in case of unforeseen events


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