Aragon Satellite WL

Use Cases
Security Caregiver reporting Home care Caregiver notifications Care Accessible Housing
Artificial Intelligence IoT Smart home sensors Wireless transmitter Smart sensing technology


ARAGON WL Satellite is the table unit for offline voice control with Snips. The advantage of this product is that each device can be parameterized for its room, so that the space-related commands for light, shutters, and heating are understood without having to enunciate the room name. ARAGON WL Satellite can be used as a extension for a realKNX Air, a realKNX O-two or an ARAGON Base installation.
The ARAGON WL Satellite communicates with WiFi or an RJ45 Ethernet connection.

Licence: One-time purchase 480.00 € ( 480.00 € excl. tax /// 576.00 € incl. tax)


Offline voice control, Tabletop or Wall mounted
AI based voice control device for home automation, Private-by-Design.
Same features as popular Aragon Base PoE but wireless desktop usage.
Connected through Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
Voice commands are only processed locally
Unrestricted vocabulary is learned dynamically via the AI of the software
Voice Control of SONOS (zero-config)
Automatic reading of the system configuration of a server for visualization (please contact us if your server is supported)
Voice control of custom devices e.g Shelly, TV. Any device that can be controlled from Node-RED (sample code included).
Powerful built-in speaker
4 high quality microphones



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