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Use Cases
Security Caregiver reporting Home care Caregiver notifications Care Accessible Housing
Artificial Intelligence IoT Smart home sensors Wireless transmitter Smart sensing technology


Aragon allows offline voice control with Snips and therefore works without any cloud services. As a connected device that animates product interactions with customizable voice experience, Aragon associates offline with performance. Indeed, we value privacy and we want to help to protect it. With our assistant nothing of what is said will be recorded, everything stays in the room, it is Private-by-Design. All commands are processed directly on the Aragon server located on the device. We claim that system reliability for smart homes is only possible with non-cloud-based integration. No commands will depend on internet connection. No automatic, “silent” updates may impact the installation. Once it is installed, Aragon will work for several years exactly as it worked on the first day. Of course, there will be updates with improvements and additional features, but one can always choose whether it should be installed or not, nothing will impact or change the configuration without the users knowledge.


Speaker performance similar to smarphones
4 digital microphones for max 7-10m distance to the speaker
H3, Quad-core Cortex-A7 mit 1.2GHz
8 GB eMMC flash memory
More features

Voice control of SONOS speakers : on/off, volume, next, previous, favorite selection by voice. Zero configuration.
Extendable voice control of custom devices like Shelly switches, motion etc. Node-RED sample code included.
Voice Control of TV and other media systems. Node-RED sample code included.
Special functions for AAL: Help call, monitoring with automatic help request.
Configurable voice announcements for KNX events

Licence: One-time purchase 480.00 € ( 480.00 € excl. tax /// 576.00 € incl. tax)


Offline voice control, Tabletop or Wall mounted
AI based voice control device for home automation, Private-by-Design.
Same features as popular Aragon Base PoE but wireless desktop usage.
Connected through Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi
Voice commands are only processed locally
Unrestricted vocabulary is learned dynamically via the AI of the software
Voice Control of SONOS (zero-config)
Automatic reading of the system configuration of a server for visualization (please contact us if your server is supported)
Voice control of custom devices e.g Shelly, TV. Any device that can be controlled from Node-RED (sample code included).
Powerful built-in speaker
4 high quality microphones



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